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Brand: Nadir
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Product Description

-  H-18.5   cm
-  TD-6.2   cm
-  195 ml (6,5oz)

- Wine glasses are tall, slender glasses used for serving and drinking wine. They are made with a long stem and a bowl-shaped top, which allows the wine to breathe and enhances its flavor and aroma.

- This glassware refers to a type of glassware that is made by Nadir brand, a manufacturer of high-quality glassware products.

- This glassware is known for its durability, clarity, and style. The company offers a wide range of glassware products, including drinking glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and decanters.

- In addition to its traditional glassware products, They also offer a range of specialized glassware products, such as glasses for tasting and pairing different types of wine and spirits.

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