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Spaghetti Tong

Spaghetti Tong

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-Spaghetti tongs are a type of kitchen utensil that are designed specifically for handling spaghetti noodles.
-They are typically made of metal, with a long handle and a pair of narrow, elongated prongs at one end.
-The prongs are curved in a way that allows them to easily grip and lift spaghetti noodles without breaking or tearing them.
-In hotels and restaurants, spaghetti tongs are often used in the kitchen to serve spaghetti dishes to guests.
-They can be used to portion out individual servings of spaghetti, or to transfer the noodles from a pot or cooking vessel to a serving dish.
-Spaghetti tongs are also sometimes used in buffet-style settings, where they can be used to allow guests to serve themselves spaghetti without making a mess or spilling the noodles.
-Size-24 cm

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